2019 DigiSigner Reviews, Pricing & Popular Alternatives

DigiSigner reviewsDigiSigner is an electronic signature service provider for all kinds of businesses. It enables users to securely upload and sign documents, as well as invite other people to sign documents online. In this article, we cover DigiSigner reviews and pricing. Ready to get started? Sign up for free.

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DigiSigner Pricing

DigiSigner pricing is based on four subscription plans: Free ($0), Pro ($15/month), Team ($50/month), and Enterprise (custom priced). The main differences between the plans include the number of documents and senders, as well as access to premium features such as custom branding, templates, team features, and more.

Monthly Pricing
Annual Pricing

The free version limits document uploads to only three per month. All paid plans can accommodate unlimited documents.

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Summary of Positive DigiSigner Reviews

Users who gave DigiSigner a positive review said that the software is easy and convenient to use even when on the free version. Some of them also commended specific features such as the ability to sign with a mouse and its encryption function.

One user who left a positive DigiSigner review on Capterra said that he likes how he can use his mouse to sign documents online or just simply type in his name. He also likes that there’s no need to print or fax anything to make signatures official and legally binding.

Summary of Negative DigiSigner Reviews

As of the date this article was written (April 11, 2019), there are not a lot of negative DigiSigner reviews online. However, some users find the file management aspect a bit difficult. Some users also had issues with placing signatures where they exactly want them to be on a document.

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DigiSigner Features

Check out the list below of some of DigiSigner’s features:

  • Legally binding signatures
  • Secure document storage
  • Custom templates and branding
  • Automatic reminders
  • Multiple signers
  • Signing links
  • And more

DigiSigner FAQs

How does DigiSigner ensure that the documents will have legally binding signatures?

DigiSigner is compliant to several e-signature laws including ESIGN, UETA, and European eIDAS. Users can rest assured that DigiSigner signatures will be recognized in courts.

Are documents uploaded on DigiSigner safe?

Yes. DigiSigner stores documents behind a firewall and all requests for access are authenticated. All communication is also protected using SSL-encryption.

DigiSigner Alternatives

Have you read these DigiSigner reviews and are still not sure if it’s the right fit for you? Read our reviews of all top electronic signature software or check out one of these three DigiSigner alternatives.

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