2019 Plesk Reviews, Pricing & Popular Alternatives

plesk reviewsPlesk is a cloud-based WebOps and hosting platform that helps build, automate, secure, and grow apps and websites. It also features a service provider management, WordPress toolkit, mobile manager, and more. In this article, we cover Plesk reviews and pricing. Ready to get started? Get a free trial.

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Summary of Positive Plesk Reviews

Users who gave Plesk a positive review said that it has a user-friendly interface. They also cited its advanced WordPress toolkit and excellent customer support.

One user who gave Plesk a positive review on G2 Crowd said that the software is easy to install and deploy. He also liked that it has a simple and intuitive UI that appeals to both technical and non-technical users. He added that it has a very stable platform that hosts useful features like the WordPress toolkit, firewall, and file manager. Lastly, he likes that he can get in touch with support 24/7.

Summary of Negative Plesk Reviews

Users who gave Plesk a negative review said that there were some features do not work at times. They also wished that some premium features could be added in the trial package and eventually made cheaper as an add-on.

One user who gave Plesk a negative review on G2 Crowd said that the software needs to be more budget-friendly. According to him, manual backups can take a while and recovery can be an issue since the program has no automatic notifications. He also observed that there are glitches in its updating feature.

Plesk Pricing

Plesk pricing is based on two licensing options, each with three editions: VPS Server ($10 to $25 per month) and Dedicated Server ($10 to $45 per month). The main differences between the plans include the type of server and number of domains included, as well as access to premium features such as developer pack, subscription management, and more.

Licensing Options
Monthly Pricing($/Month)
Annual Pricing*($/Month)
VPS Server
$10 to $25
$9.16 to $22.92
Dedicated Server
$10 to $45
$9.16 to $41.25

*Annual plans are paid in full at the start of the billing cycle.

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Plesk Features

Check out the list below of some of Plesk’s features:

  • Service provider management
  • Mobile manager
  • WordPress toolkit
  • Security features
  • Developer pack
  • ServerShield
  • Reseller management

Plesk FAQs

What are some of the user support add-ons that Plesk provides?

Plesk provides FAQs, videos, webinars, and a help center for technical and sales concerns to help users navigate and maximize software use.

What premium features can be purchased as add-ons to any Plesk Edition?

Plesk offers additional language pack, power pack, developer pack, server and site security pack along with WordPress pack ImmunifyAV, and Smart Updates (By AI) 1 domain when you purchase any Plesk Edition package.

Popular Integrations

Here is a list of some of Plesk’s popular integrations:

Plesk Alternatives

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