2019 Smartwaiver Reviews, Pricing & Popular Alternatives

smartwaiver reviewsSmartwaiver is a digital waiver signing solution for businesses of all sizes. It converts paper waivers into legally-binding electronic documents that can be signed online and then stored in a searchable database. In this article, we cover Smartwaiver reviews and pricing. Ready to get started? Get a free trial.

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Summary of Positive Smartwaiver Reviews

Users who gave Smartwaiver a positive review said that the program is easy to setup and use. Many liked the efficiency of its waiver conversion and tracking process. Prompt and professional customer support was also cited.

One user who gave Smartwaiver a positive review on G2 Crowd said that the platform is intuitive and highly organized. She also mentioned that it is a great tool for record-keeping. She particularly likes the secure online storage for waivers as well as the integration with popular booking and member management systems.

Summary of Negative Smartwaiver Reviews

As of the date this article was written (March 18, 2019), there are not many negative Smartwaiver reviews online. However, some users wished for a better waiver search interface. They would like to see more options, such as the ability to search by categories instead of just by last name and birthday.

Smartwaiver Pricing

Smartwaiver pricing is based on seven paid subscription packages: Basic ($15/month), Growth ($30/month), Starter ($45/month), Professional ($90/month), Business ($135/month), Premier ($250/month), and Enterprise (custom priced). The main difference between the plans is the number of new waivers signed monthly. All plans include unlimited waiver templates, iOS, and Android apps, and API access.


Users can also switch to the Storage Plan at any time for just $5 per month if their business won’t be receiving waivers from customers during certain months. All documents and customer information will be stored in the WaiverVault. Users can simply switch to any of the service plans listed above when they are ready to accept signed waivers from customers again.

Ready to get started with Smartwaiver? Get a free trial.

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Smartwaiver Features

Check out the list below of some of Smartwaiver’s features:

  • Waiver editor
  • Unlimited waiver templates
  • Auto photo capture
  • Multilanguage
  • Quick response (QR) Code
  • Data export
  • Email marketing

Smartwaiver FAQs

Are discounts available for annual subscribers?

The company offers a 15% discount for a one-year commitment. However, there are no refunds on annual service contracts.

Can users switch between plans at any time?

When a subscription plan is changed, a credit will be issued to the account for the unused days on the current plan and a new billing cycle for the new plan will begin.

Popular Integrations

Here is a list of some of Smartwaiver’s popular integrations:

Smartwaiver Alternatives

Have you read these Smartwaiver reviews and are still not sure if it’s the right fit for you? Read our reviews of all top electronic signature software providers or check out one of these three Smartwaiver alternatives.

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