6 Best Credit Card Readers 2019

Credit card readers are devices that accept and process payments through a smartphone or tablet, along with point-of-sale software. Many processors offer free or low-cost readers, and charge you transaction fees and a monthly fee. We reviewed a variety based on features, rates, and ease of use, and narrowed it down to the top six.

Top 6 Credit Card Readers 2019

Credit Card Reader Best For
Square (Best Overall) Low-ticket ($20) retailers who want a free reader and no monthly fee
Dharma Small to large businesses processing high-dollar transactions ($20+) and more than $10,000 in sales
Fattmerchant Seasonal sellers processing less than $500,000 annually that may need to pause an account
PayPal Here Online businesses that already accept PayPal payments and want to do so offline, as well
Shopify POS Ecommerce sellers who want to sell in-person occasionally at events and pop-up shops
Chase Merchant Services High-volume sellers with a business account from Chase could benefit from low rates

How We Evaluated Top Credit Card Readers

Whether you’re pulling in $5,000 or $20,000 each month with your small business, having a credit card reader that lets you take payments wherever you’re selling is important. The fees providers charge can vary wildly, and that’s why we focused on companies that offer the best rates for your business type, volume of sales, or average ticket cost. Whichever credit card reader and payment processor you choose, these options should scale with your business, such as offering you access to more advanced readers or reducing your transactions fees when you bring in a higher volume of sales.

Here are all the features and criteria we considered when choosing the top credit card readers:

  • Pricing – We looked for a variety of fee structure options so you can find the best rates, whether you’re occasionally taking in-person payments, whether you’re selling at a low or high volume each month, and whether you want to take on a monthly fee.
  • Ease of Use – While most credit card readers are similar and easy to use, we also considered the point-of-sale (POS) software that’s typically included with your reader and account.
  • Types of Readers – You should be able to get a free credit card reader for swiping cards (magstripe) or pay a small fee for accepting chip cards (EMV); most providers also offer a smartphone card reader (NFC), so you can accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.
  • Device Compatibility – We considered credit card readers that connect using Bluetooth and offer apps for both iOS and Android devices; some are iOS only, which is the preferred operating system for most apps and credit card readers.
  • Security – Credit card security is a top concern for consumers and business owners alike, which is why we made sure each provider on our list is PCI-compliant, uses end-to-end encryption, and won’t store card data on your devices.
  • POS Features – Credit card readers come with apps that include POS features to help you manage your payments plus tools to help manage your business, such as data analysis and inventory management.

We recommend Square as the overall best credit card reader for small businesses because it’s easy to set up and use right away, it’s free to get started (including the magstripe card reader), and it works for almost any type or size of business. The flat-rate fee is affordable, especially if you process lower tickets.

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Square: Best Overall Credit Card Reader for Small Businesses

square logo

Square offers the simplest, best credit card reader and payment processing service that’s ideal for a small business that accepts low-ticket credit card sales. Square is also versatile, with a variety of credit card readers, whether you need an online, mobile, or countertop solution. Plus, the powerful POS software includes free business management tools.

Square Pricing

Square is an all-in-one small business solution that includes a free or low-cost credit card reader, flat-rate processing fees, and highly-rated POS software. Between the zero startup costs, secure credit card readers, and clear payment processing rates, Square is unmatched as the best choice for small businesses.

Square Pricing

Square Credit Card Readers & Fees Cost
Magstripe Reader
Chip & Contactless Reader
Processing Fees (swipe, chip, contactless) 0.0275
Processing Fees (online invoice/store) 2.9% + 15 cents/transaction
Processing Fees (keyed in) 3.5% + 15 cents/transaction

Processing Fees with Square

Square’s flat-fee payment processing may seem high at 2.75% to 3.5% (with 15 cents per transaction for some transactions), but it ends up being one of the most affordable options, especially if you’re a small business that’s taking smaller transactions (~$10 per ticket), as there’s no monthly statement or PCI fee. Here’s an example of how much you would pay, in three different situations:

Square’s Fees
Monthly Sales 1,000 transactions $10 each ticket $10,000 total 1,000 transactions $20 each ticket $20,000 total 300 transactions $100 each ticket $30,000 total
Square’s In-person Processing Fees 0.0275 0.0275 0.0275
What You’ll Pay $275 $550 $825

Square Readers & Features

Square provides your choice of credit card reader, or get them all, if needed, and doesn’t charge you any setup fees. The POS software you use on your smartphone or tablet, along with the card reader, allows you to accept payments, even in offline mode. There are several business management features, and 24/7 customer support.

Square’s Credit Card Readers

The free Square credit card reader is the magstripe type, which allows you to accept credit cards with a magnetic strip. While this is more secure than keying in a credit card number, the more secure option is to get the chip and contactless credit card reader for $49. Plus, the EMV and NFC reader lets you take cards with chip, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other wireless payments.

Square’s Business Management

Square’s POS software is included at no charge for anyone who opens a free account. You’ll be able to add, edit, and manage inventory items, collect customer information, and track sales and other data with its reporting feature.

Square inventory layout

Square’s software makes it easy for you to manage inventory, choose items to ring up for a purchase, and then complete the sale with its free to low-cost credit card readers.

Customer Support from Square

Anytime you need help from Square tech or customer support, you can contact them through email 24/7. Phone support is only available 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST on weekdays. You’ll have to sign into your account on Square’s website to get a customer code before calling.

What Square Is Missing

Square’s payment processing rates may seem high if you’ve looked at other merchant services providers, but you’re stuck paying them if you want to use Square. You won’t be able to use a third-party service, so you can’t get better rates that route.

Square Reviews

Most of the Square reviews from users are positive, citing how easy it is to get started and use the credit card readers and software. The pay-as-you-go model is also popular with those who use Square. The biggest complaint about Square is that customer support isn’t always easy to contact because of the limited hours and days it’s available by phone.

How to Get Square

Square offers a free credit card reader and companion software, so you can start processing credit card payments right away. More equipment is available and affordable, so you can expand your options as your business grows. The simple, flat-fee processing rates are easy to understand and affordable for small businesses. You can open a free account with Square by visiting its website today.

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Dharma: Best Credit Card Reader for High-Dollar Transactions

dharma logo

Dharma is a credit card processing service that is a great choice for businesses that have higher tickets on average and process more than $10,000 monthly. The credit card reader has an upfront cost, but if your small business can afford the monthly fee and readers, you’re unlikely to find better processing rates elsewhere.

Dharma Pricing

As far as credit card readers, terminals, and POS software goes, Dharma is fairly flexible. You can get a credit card reader through Dharma, or use a Clover Go card reader. Dharma uses interchange-plus pricing, which includes credit card brand fees and the merchant service provider’s fees only. The rates and fees you pay Dharma are clear and transparent, as you’ll see on the website and in the chart below.

Dharma Pricing

Dharma Credit Card Readers & Fees Cost
Walker C2X reader (magstripe, chip, contactless)
Processing Fees (in-person major credit cards) 0.15% + .07 cents/transaction
Processing Fees (online) 0.20% + 10 cents/transaction
Processing Fees (AmEx) 0.25% + 10 cents/transaction
Monthly Fee (PCI compliance/statement) $20
Closure Fee $25

Processing Fees with Dharma

Dharma is so transparent with its fee structure, it displays the credit card rates and other fees charged by the card companies, along with its own rates, to show you how much you’ll be paying per $100 sale. If Dharma isn’t the best choice for your small business, the support team will tell you. Here’s another way of looking at the fees:

Dharma’s Fees
Monthly Sales 250 transactions $40 each ticket $10,000 total 1,000 transactions $20 each ticket $20,000 total 500 transactions $100 each ticket $50,000 total
Dharma’s In-person Processing Fees 0.15% + 0.7 cents/transaction 0.15% + 0.7 cents/transaction 0.15% + 0.7 cents/transaction
Dharma’s Monthly Fee $20 $20 $20
Interchange Fees (Visa Credit – not Debit) 1.51% + 0.10 cents/transaction 1.51% + 0.10 cents/transaction 1.51% + 0.10 cents/transaction
Assessment Fees (Visa Credit – not Debit) 0.14% + 0.02 cents/transaction 0.14% + 0.02 cents/transaction 0.14% + 0.02 cents/transaction
What You’ll Pay $247.50 $570 $1,015

Dharma Readers & Features

Dharma can work with a variety of credit card readers, but it promotes the AnywhereCommerce Walker C2X credit card reader, which accepts all credit cards, whether they’re magstripe, chip, or Apple Pay and Google Wallet payments. There’s also a free app you can use to work with the card reader to accept payments, apply tips, and send receipts.

Dharma’s Credit Card Readers

The card reader Dharma suggests on its site offers two versions: Bluetooth-enabled or audio jack, so you can choose the one that works best for your iOS or Android device. The device works with the MX Merchant Express app, which is free (more on that below), and uses advanced encryption to ensure every transaction is secure.

Simple POS App with Dharma

The MX Merchant Express is a simple, free POS app for iOS and Android that works with the credit card reader suggested by Dharma. You can toggle tips on or off and offer tip suggestions; signature settings are up to you, too. The app allows you to save customer information, including payment information, and you can apply notes to each customer profile. Send receipts by email or text, and track sales through the app.

Dharma tip calculator

You can offer tip amounts or set a default tip rate in the app that Dharma suggests you use with its credit card reader.

What Dharma Is Missing

Dharma isn’t available for many small businesses that process only a few thousand per month, so it won’t be suitable for every seller. Also, if you have online and mobile sales, you’ll have to open two separate accounts, which means doubling up your monthly fees.

Dharma Reviews

The Dharma reviews online are mostly positive, with users going on about how fair and transparent their fees are. The credit card reader and app have few reviews, but they also are mostly positive. When it comes to negative reviews about Dharma, they’re mostly regarding application rejections.

How to Get Dharma

Businesses that expect to do at least $10,000 in monthly sales would benefit from pairing a credit card reader with Dharma as a payment processor. The company practices transparency in its rates and who it’s best for, and customer support is quick to respond to any issues. You can get started with Dharma by visiting its website today.

Visit Dharma

Fattmerchant: Best Credit Card Reader for Seasonal Businesses

Fattmerchant logo

Fattmerchant offers credit card readers and a simple app that work well for seasonal businesses because you can pause your merchant account when you’re not using it for a small fee. Fattmerchant is good for those with about $20 or more per transaction and $20,000 or more in monthly card transactions.

Fattmerchant Pricing

A credit card reader from Fattmerchant will cost you about $75 for the magstripe type, or a bit more for the all-in-one credit card reader for magstripe, chip, and contactless payments. The POS app is free, but a merchant service account with Fattmerchant costs $99 to $199 per month, depending on your annual transactions.

Fattmerchant Pricing

BBPOS Reader – Chipper BT (magstripe, chip)
BBPOS Reader – Chipper 2X BT (magstripe, chip, contactless)
Not disclosed
Processing Fees (card present) Interchange + ~08 cents/transaction
Processing Fees (card not present) Interchange + ~15 cents/transaction
Monthly Fee (PCI compliance/statement) $99 ( $199 (>$500,000 annual transactions)
Pause Fee $25

Processing Fees with Fattmerchant

Fattmerchant is similar to Dharma in its pricing structure, but it charges a monthly fee, rather than a percentage on top of the interchange fee. It ends up being a decent choice for those who sell high-dollar items and have an established business. The higher each ticket and higher your monthly sales, the more you’ll save on fees.

Fattmerchant’s Fees
Monthly Sales 500 transactions $40 each ticket $20,000 total 1,000 transactions $30 each ticket $30,000 total 1,000 transactions $50 each ticket $50,000 total
Fattmerchant’s In-person Processing Fees 0.8 cents/transaction 0.8 cents/transaction 0.8 cents/transaction
Fattmerchant’s Monthly Fee $99 $99 $199
Interchange Fees (Visa Credit – not Debit) 1.51% + 0.10 cents/transaction 1.51% + 0.10 cents/transaction 1.51% + 0.10 cents/transaction
Assessment Fees (Visa Credit – not Debit) 0.14% + 0.02 cents/transaction 0.14% + 0.02 cents/transaction 0.14% + 0.02 cents/transaction
What You’ll Pay $529 $794 $1,224

Fattmerchant Readers & Features

Seasonal businesses won’t have to pay the steep $99 to $199 monthly rate with Fattmerchant if they remember to pause their account, which is a unique and helpful feature. Fattmerchant offers two different credit card readers, so you can choose the one that makes the most sense for your business. And the processing fees aren’t too high if you’re bringing in big ticket sales. The mobile POS app is basic, but easy to use.

Pause Your Fattmerchant Account

You can put your account on hold with Fattmerchant and only pay $25 per month to keep it going, as long as you give your account manager notice. By doing this, you won’t have to go through another application process or worry about fluctuating fee rates. Nor will you have to continue paying a pricey monthly payment. The account pause feature isn’t listed on Fattmerchant’s website, but support can fill you in on the details.

Fattmerchant’s Credit Card Readers

Fattmerchant has two credit card readers that it sells and suggests for merchants, which is similar to Square’s lineup, with a few exceptions. None of the card readers are free, and the low-priced one is still more expensive than Square’s. However, the cheapest one from Fattmerchant processes magstripe and EMV chip credit cards, which may be all you need.

Fattmerchant’s Business Management

The POS app for Fattmerchant is available for iOS and Android devices, so you can process payments easily with your credit card reader, regardless of which smartphone or tablet you prefer. You can view transaction history, create customer profiles, and manage inventory from the software. Its POS features are basic, but functional.

Fattmerchant analytics report

You can use the Fattmerchant app to see how many customers you average per month, and see how your credit card reader sales are going for your business, for example.

What Fattmerchant Is Missing

While Fattmerchant won’t turn away small business owners who process lower monthly sales and smaller tickets, the rates just won’t shake out to a better deal for them. The credit card readers are decent, but they’re more expensive than others you can get for free or lower costs, like from Square, which seems odd because merchant services providers typically don’t make huge profits on hardware.

Fattmerchant Reviews

Most customers who have left Fattmerchant reviews seem pleased with the service they’ve received from the company. The lower rate and no markup on percentages mean lower payouts for many small business owners. However, there are negative reviews about frozen accounts, and deposits take up to three days.

How to Get Fattmerchant

Fattmerchant could be a good choice for you if you need a credit card reader and you expect to bring in $20,000 or more per month, especially if you’re doing high tickets with each transaction. It’s a good choice for a seasonal businesses, too, as you can pause your account and save money on the monthly fee. To get started, visit Fattmerchant’s website and fill out their short form.

Visit Fattmerchant

PayPal Here: Best Credit Card Reader for Accepting PayPal Payments Anywhere

paypal here logo

PayPal Here offers credit card readers for iOS and Android users. Using one of the card readers along with PayPal’s mobile app, you can accept payments, including direct PayPal payments, manage your business, and track sales. You’ll have to buy a credit card reader, but they’re affordable, and so is payment processing.

PayPal Here Pricing

You can choose between two PayPal Here credit card readers, which cost $24.99 or $79.99. The monthly fee is $30 if you want to use a virtual terminal, but if you’re only doing mobile sales, there’s no monthly charge. Also, there are no startup costs. The app to receive payments with your smartphone or tablet is free to use. Rates are fixed, much like with Square.

PayPal Here Pricing

PayPal Here Credit Card Readers & Fees Cost
Chip & Swipe Reader
Chip & Tap + Charging Stand (also magstripe)
Processing Fees (swipe, chip, contactless) 0.027
Processing Fees (online invoice/store) 2.9% + 30 cents/transaction
Processing Fees (keyed in) 3.5% + 15 cents/transaction

Processing Fees with PayPal Here

PayPal Here’s flat rate is similar to Square, but slightly less expensive. If you stick to credit card payments only, it can be more affordable than Square, but the whole point of choosing PayPal Here is to be able to also accept PayPal payments, which means you’ll have to pay the monthly fee. Here’s a look at what it would cost you in three situations accepting credit cards, and assuming you also sign up for PayPal payments:

PayPal Here’s Fees
Monthly Sales 1,000 transactions $10 each ticket $10,000 total 1,000 transactions $20 each ticket $20,000 total 200 transactions $500 each ticket $100,000 total
PayPal Here’s In-person Processing Fees 0.027 0.027 0.027
Monthly Fee $30 $30 $30
What You’ll Pay $300 $570 $2,730

PayPal Here Readers & Features

The PayPal Here credit card readers work in conjunction with the free app from PayPal to turn your Android or iOS device into a point of sale. The app allows you to take PayPal payment directly or credit card paymentsyour choice. You’ll also get basic POS features to help you manage your inventory and other aspects of your business.

PayPal Here’s Credit Card Readers

Small businesses that plan to take cards occasionally would do well with the chip and swipe credit card reader from PayPal Here. It can process magstripe and chip credit cards securely, and it’s affordable at $24.99. The chip and tap reader can take all three types of credit cards, including magstripe, chip, and contactless, so you can accept Apple Pay and Google Wallet. It’s pricier at $79.99, but it includes a charging stand.

PayPal Here’s Business Management

Like other processors that offer credit card readers, PayPal Here has a free app with POS features that you can download for your iOS or Android device. You can set up an inventory of products or goods, and create permissions for employees to process sales through the app. The reporting feature lets you track sales by employee, time, or product.

PayPal credit card reader

Using the PayPal Here credit card reader and app, you can process major credit cards or take in-person PayPal payments.

What PayPal Here Is Missing

In regards to credit card readers, PayPal Here charges steep prices compared to competitors like Square. And its monthly fee to accept PayPal and lower flat-rate fee doesn’t pay off until you’re making $100,000 per month.

PayPal Here Reviews

You’ll find that most PayPal Here reviews are positive, especially when it comes to the easy-to-use app that works with the credit card readers. Sometimes the card readers don’t work well, though, losing Bluetooth connection often. One of the biggest complaints, however, has more to do with PayPal as a processor, as it can freeze assets for seemingly no reason.

How to Get PayPal Here

PayPal Here offers a good solution for small business owners who need a credit card reader and want to accept PayPal payments through a mobile app. The credit card readers work for both iOS and Android devices, thanks to a Bluetooth connection. You can get started with PayPal Here by visiting the website and signing up today.

Visit PayPal Here

Shopify: Best Credit Card Reader for Ecommerce Sellers

shopify logo

Shopify is one of the top-rated ecommerce solutions, but it goes beyond online stores with its credit card readers and payments app. The app syncs offline inventory and payments with your Shopify online store. The cost for processing is average for fixed rates, but Shopify charges a monthly fee for the online store.

Shopify Pricing

The credit card readers from Shopify range in price from $29 to $89, but you can get the entry-level reader for free when you sign up for an account. The processing fees are similar to Square and PayPal Here, but you’ll have to also sign up for an ecommerce account, which ranges from $9 to $299 per month.

Shopify Pricing

Shopify Credit Card Readers & Fees Cost
Chip & Swipe Reader
($29 for additional readers)
Tap, Chip & Swipe Reader
Processing Fees (swipe, chip, contactless) Basic Shopify: 2.7%
Shopify: 2.5%
Advanced Shopify: 2.4%
Processing Fees (online invoice/store) Basic Shopify: 2.9% + 30 cents/transaction
Shopify: 2.6% + 30 cents/transaction
Advanced Shopify: 2.4% + 30 cents/transaction
Additional Fees (3rd party processor) Basic Shopify: 2%
Shopify: 1%
Advanced Shopify: 0.5%

Processing Fees with Shopify

Shopify wants you to choose its payment processing and credit card readers, but it also wants you to choose the highest monthly plan, so it offers incentives, but also penalties. Choose a higher monthly plan and your processing rate drops. Choose a third-party processor and you’ll pay an extra fee for doing so. The chart below shows what you’d pay if you chose Shopify Payments, plus the Basic Shopify plan, and then the total if you opt for the Shopify plan.

Shopify’s Fees
Monthly Sales 1,000 transactions $10 each ticket
$10,000 total
1,000 transactions
$20 each ticket
$20,000 total
200 transactions
$500 each ticket
$100,000 total
Shopify’s In-person Processing Fees 2.7%/2.5% 2.7%/2.5% 2.7%/2.5%
Monthly Fee (Basic Shopify/Shopify) $29/$79 $29/$79 $29/$79
What You’ll Pay $299/$329 $569/$579 $2,720/$2,579

Shopify Readers & Features

The biggest benefit to choosing Shopify over other processors is that you get an ecommerce store along with a credit card reader and payment processing. Your inventory and customer profiles for online and offline will sync, so you won’t have to manage two separate pieces of software. The app offers more feature than Shopify’s competitors, so you may not need different POS software.

Shopify’s Credit Card Readers

The free credit card reader you get with a Shopify account setup can process magstripe and EMV chip credit cards, making it a secure solution, and a better option than Square’s free option. It works with iOS and Android devices, so it’s a versatile solution. The more advanced tap, chip, and swipe reader is $89 (though you can buy a refurbished one for $20 less), and it can also take contactless payments. However, the advanced credit card reader only works with iOS devices.

Shopify’s Business Management

In addition to accepting payments with the Shopify app and its credit card readers, you’ll be able to split tenders, add tips, and manage your business. You can manage inventory, add profiles for customers, and track sales. The data you see on the mobile app syncs with the data you have on your Shopify ecommerce store, which is helpful.

Shopify Reporting interface

Reporting features from Shopify are some of the best, depending on the plan you choose. You can analyze several points of data, such as sales made with your credit card reader, to help you make the best business decisions.

What Shopify Is Missing

Shopify’s credit card readers and POS app require an internet connection to work properly, as is the case for most. However, there’s no offline mode, like there is with Square, to allow you to continue taking payments and charging credit cards when a connection is restored. Also, though the pricing for processing seems comparable to its competitors, Shopify ends up being more expensive than many other because of the higher monthly fees.

Shopify Reviews

The Shopify reviews from users online show that they’re mostly satisfied with the processor, point-of-sale service, and credit card readers. The automatic sync of mobile and online store data is cited as one of the best features. No offline mode is a frustration of some users, though.

How to Get Shopify

Shopify gives you two options for credit card readers, so you can accept payments wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection. The POS features are more than basic compared to other options, which is a big plus. To get started with Shopify now, visit the website and sign up for the free 14-day trial—you’ll also get a free credit card reader when you sign up for an account.

Visit Shopify

Chase Merchant Services: Best Credit Card Reader for Chase Bank Customers

chase bank logo

Chase Merchant Services acts as a merchant services provider with the added benefit of being a traditional bank. If you’re already using Chase for business banking, you could get quicker deposits by using Chase’s credit card readers and payment processing, too. You may even be able to negotiate with Chase for better rates.

Chase Merchant Services Pricing

Pricing from Chase Merchant Services is a bit tricky, as the company doesn’t reveal all the fees for processing in an easy-to-use chart. The standard credit card reader offered is $95, but if you want to accept contactless and mobile payments, you’ll have to spend $420 for a wireless terminal.

Chase Merchant Services Pricing

Chase Merchant Services Credit Card Readers & Fees Cost
Chip & Swipe Reader
Wireless Reader
Processing Fees (in-person, debit) 1.99% + 15 cents/transaction

2.89% flat rate
($20-$1,000 average/

Processing Fees (in-person, credit card) 2.99% + 15 cents/transaction

2.89% flat rate
($20-$1,000 average/

Interchange Pass-thru Pricing Contact for Quote

Processing Fees with Chase Merchant Services

Not all of the fees for Chase Merchant Services are disclosed, so it’s hard to say precisely what you would pay as a customer using their credit card readers. It isn’t clear whether there’s a monthly fee, but based on the information provided, there is not. If you make less than $150,000 annually, though, and assume you’re only accepting credit cards, not debit, we can find an approximation.

Chase Merchant Services’ Fees
Monthly Sales 1,000 transactions $10 each ticket $10,000 total 1,000 transactions $20 each ticket $20,000 total 200 transactions $500 each ticket $100,000 total
Chase’s In-person Processing Fees 2.99% + 15 cents/transaction 0.0289 0.0289
What You’ll Pay $449 $578 $2,890

Chase Merchant Services Readers & Features

Chase Merchant Services gives you two choices for credit card readers, and you can download its free app for processing payments for either iOS or Android devices. The POS features are more limited than Square, but it should be enough for mobile sales.

Chase Merchant Services’ Credit Card Readers

There aren’t many details about the Chase Merchant Services credit card readers on the website, so you might have to ask about free hardware. If you can get it for free, then you’ll likely have to sign a contract. Otherwise, your choice is between a simple swipe and chip credit card reader or a wireless card reader that’s an all-in-one solution.

Chase Merchant Services’ Business Management

By using a credit card reader from Chase Merchant Services and the Chase Mobile Checkout app for either your iOS or Android device, you can accept all major credit cards. You’ll also be able to set up inventory, add a tip screen, and view a summary of transactions. Through the app, you can customize receipts so they appear with your business’ logo.

Chase Merchant Services credit card reader

Chase Merchant Services lets you pair one of its credit card readers with its mobile payments app, so you can customize payments, such as tips, which makes this a viable choice for a service business.

What Chase Merchant Services Is Missing

There’s no in-between when it comes to Chase Merchant Service’s credit card readers. The low-priced one is still higher priced than most, and the all-in-one credit card reader is comparatively way too expensive. The app to accept payments with the card reader is lacking many helpful POS features that can be found in other options. And to get the best rates from Chase Merchant Services, you may have to agree to a contract and negotiate the terms.

Chase Merchant Services Reviews

Per the Chase Merchant Services reviews, it appears that most customers of the bank appreciate the attention from customer support. However, some said that wait times can be long. There were a few comments about card readers not working, but on the flip side, customers have said that glitches were often fixed quickly with the help of tech support.

How to Get Chase Merchant Services

Chase Merchant Services can be an excellent choice for your mobile sales, if you don’t mind paying for a credit card reader upfront. Rates are comparable to some of the top-rated payment processors, and you could negotiate for even lower rates. To get started, visit the Chase Merchant Services website and fill out a form today.

Visit Chase Merchant Services

Bottom Line

The best credit card readers are typically offered by the best payment processors. Many offer a free standard credit card reader, so you can start accepting magstripe cards, but you’ll be more secure (and so will your customer’s cards) if you opt for one with EMV chip support, or an all-in-one card reader that also accepts contactless and mobile payments, such as Apple Pay.

Square keeps its pricing low, for both its credit card readers and processing fees, which makes it the best choice for small businesses. There’s no monthly fee and you don’t have to worry about variable rates from month to month. You can visit Square to get a free account today!

Visit Square

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