Payroll Checks: Where to Buy Payroll Checks & Paper

You will need to process payroll checks if you’re not paying your employees electronically. To start, you need check stock and magnetic ink. If you print with regular ink, your bank may reject your checks. Expect to pay from $12 to hundreds of dollars, depending on whether your checks are blank or customized.

Consider outsourcing payroll to a full service provider like ADP Payroll, which lets you easily process payroll, calculate and file payroll taxes, and pay employees via direct deposit. ADP Payroll can also print, sign, and mail your employees physical paychecks on your behalf. Click for a free quote.

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Vendor Pricing & Features

If you purchase payroll checks from your bank, you’re probably overpaying and receiving fewer features. Blank payroll check paper can be purchased online or locally at an office supply retailer or membership store for anywhere from $12 to $460 a ream, depending on features and customization. Most paper stock typically includes room for pay stub details.

When you buy payroll checks, you’ll want to consider several features, like whether they’re preprinted with your company name and custom logo. Consider security features, layout, and colors, and even options to add comments like, “Congratulations on your two-year employment anniversary!”

Payroll Check Features & Costs

Office Supply Store
Online Retailer
Membership Store
Custom Check Printer
Payroll Software Provider
Cost for a ream of 500 checks
Around $40
Around $35
for minimum of 600 checks (bulk purchase required)
$240- $460
Around $127
Sam’s Club
Intuit QuickBooks
Basic security features
Compatible for laser & inkjet printers
Includes check stub
Custom designs
Guaranteed compatibility with the best payroll software

Preprinted or Blank

You can purchase blank payroll check paper stock or customize it with options like your business logo and branding. On blank check paper stock, you’ll use your computer software or a template to print your company name and all information. Whereas on the custom payroll paper, you only need to print what’s different for each check, such as the employee name, payment amount, and so on.

Pay Stubs

In most cases, you’ll want payroll check paper that has a pay stub option included so that your employees’ pay stubs show all sources of income and deductions for the pay period. An example is shown below. A pay stub is not required by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA); federal labor law and requirements vary by state. Timekeeping software vendor Fingercheck has identified the states that require pay stubs be given to employees.


To minimize the risk that your paychecks could be compromised, you may want to choose check stock that has security features like a watermark, a marbled background, or heat-sensitive fibers. The more expensive payroll check paper has one or more of these; some vendors like Amazon even provide paper stock that has a hologram.


Typical colors for payroll check stock are pastels like soft green, pale blue, or yellow. However, if you want custom colors, you may need to order from a vendor like Print Globe, which offers over 20 colors. If you want a custom background or special fonts, consider ordering custom business payroll checks from a vendor like Deluxe that can add these details.

Memo or Comment Section

It’s nice to have a space on the payroll check paper to include notes and comments. You could thank someone for their work, provide information about a bonus, or remind employees of an upcoming holiday. ADP payroll software has this feature already built in, and you can also use it to handwrite notes of appreciation.


Your payroll check will need to be signed, either electronically, by hand, or by stamp. Some vendors like Deluxe allow you to add additional features to your check, like a second line for a signature, if that’s what your business needs. You can use them with a dual-signature checking account as a control to help prevent fraud and mismanagement of business funds.


All check stock are not compatible with every software product. Those you purchase from online retailers and office supply stores are usually compatible with some popular payroll software, like QuickBooks, but you won’t know for sure until you purchase and try it yourself. Purchasing directly from the payroll software provider you use guarantees compatibility. So, if you’re using QuickBooks Payroll, purchasing check stock from Intuit QuickBooks will prevent issues.


Payroll check paper stock provides several options for check placement. For instance, the check can be at the top, middle, or bottom of the paper, with the pay stub located above or below the payroll check itself. Often, this will be dictated by your payroll software or configurable within the print option. An example of a check on the bottom is shown below with sample information on year-to-date (YTD) deductions so you can see where specific information should go.

Payroll Check - pay check example

Example from on what to include on a paycheck with a pay stub


Payroll check stock can come perforated so employees can easily tear off the check and keep the check stub. However, if you provide direct deposit and the only reason you use the check stock is to give or send the employees a record of their earnings, then no perforation is needed. In fact, plain white paper is fine for a pay stub. Consider adding “non-negotiable” as a watermark to prevent confusion. Some payroll software is configured to do this for you, because pay slips can easily be mistaken for payroll checks.


Some paper stock is scored or lined so that you can fold the payroll check in thirds and mail it. You can address the recipient on the back, either with your printer or by hand. When it’s folded and stamped, the payroll check and pay stub are inside.

Additional Features

Some payroll software providers include complimentary features. Intuit QuickBooks gives 12 months of CheckFraud Protection for free with every check purchase.

With it, you receive the following:

  • Free replacement and expedited delivery of compromised checks
  • Suggestions for security precautions, beginning when you place your order through the printing process
  • Screening of orders for potential fraud and account protection
  • Background checks for check printing facility
  • Order shipment with custom-designed, nondescript, and tamper-evident packaging

If you’re also looking to save time doing payroll, consider using QuickBooks Payroll software. It’s affordable for small businesses, and the software makes it easy to manage the payroll process. Try a free demo today.

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Printing Payroll Checks & Pay Stubs

You can print your own business payroll checks with check paper stock that includes security features like heat-sensitive ink, chemically-sensitive paper, microprint, a watermark, or the word “void” that prints if someone tries to make a photocopy of the check. Some check vendors offer checks with a hologram as a security feature.

If your printer and software allow you to custom print your own documents, you may have the option to print direct deposit advices and pay stub-like documents that show how much you were paid and what deductions were withheld, using plain paper. However, due to the lack of security, such as a patterned background or watermarks, you aren’t able to print valid payroll checks on plain white paper—specialized check stock is needed.

Hardware & Software Requirements for Business Payroll Checks

The type of payroll check paper stock you need will vary based on the software and printer (inkjet, laser, or dot matrix) you use. For example, QuickBooks lets you choose the layout of your checks and specifies the kind of paper you need to write and print checks. Check with your payroll software provider to ensure that the payroll checks you buy are compatible with your payroll hardware and software.

Hardware Requirements

You can use just about any printer to print payroll checks, but the quality may be different with each. The key is to use magnetic toner or ink when you print your payroll checks. If you opt to use regular ink, your bank’s magnetic reader may not be able to process the checks, and you could be charged fees.

Software Requirements

Different payroll software have different requirements. Be mindful of that when selecting payroll check templates. Some will only print correctly if the check portion is on the bottom, and others require it to be on the top. If you use a standard online payroll software, like QuickBooks or Quicken, you may have an easier time finding payroll check paper that’s compatible, because manufacturers tend to consider that when designing.

A magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) printer is made specifically for printing high-security checks. It’s a combination software and hardware, and although convenient, it can generally cost more money than just using your standard printer and purchasing MICR ink or toner when you need it. Just remember to switch out your cartridge before and after you print your payroll checks.

Payroll Checks vs Personal Checks vs Business Checks

Payroll check paper stock includes room for the specific fields you need to record the payroll information you need to track, such as pay periods, gross and net pay, deductions, and paid time off (PTO) balances. We’ll compare using different types of checks for payroll.

Payroll vs Business vs Personal Checks Comparison Chart

Payroll Checks
Business Checks
Personal Checks
Customizable With Business Name
Able to Write Information Manually
Can Print From Computer Software
Form-fed Options Available
Print Layout on Top, Middle, or Bottom
Room for Employee Pay Stub Details

Payroll Checks for Payroll

Payroll checks are designed specifically for paying employees. They have a check portion on the paper that includes the payee, net amount, date, and signature, much like a business check. But they contain additional features that neither a personal check nor a business check have, like room for hours, earnings, and deductions.

They come in many formats, e.g., with the check stub at the top, middle, or bottom of the paper. Payroll checks also come in a manual format where you can write the information, as well as printable formats used by most payroll software.

Business Payroll Checks

Business checks are check stock used by software like QuickBooks. You can’t print on plain paper as it lacks the security features required by a bank. Similar to personal checks, business checks typically don’t have the features of a payroll check, such as extra space for adding additional employee information.

Personal Checks for Payroll

Personal checks are checks provided by your bank or a check vendor, and lack the space to record employee earnings, deductions, and net pay. In other words, they lack a pay stub.

Keep Payroll, Business, & Personal Bank Accounts Separate

It’s a good idea to establish a business payroll account that is separate from the business account used for business receipts (income) and expenses. Some small businesses opt to combine the two, which can be a huge help as your business grows. Commingling your business checking account with your payroll account could cause problems in case of a business or tax audit, not to mention making it difficult to keep track of your payroll costs.

While separating your payroll and regular business checking accounts is optional, you should always keep them separate from your personal bank account. If you’re audited, it may be difficult to separate which payments were for business rather than personal use, and it could negatively impact your tax bill. So save yourself the trouble and at the very least, create one account for business and one for personal.

Payroll Check Examples

Here are a few examples to help you consider the kind of payroll check paper you might want to buy. These images are from vendor websites; each vendor is listed below the image. You’ll notice that the kind of checks you order depend on the printer, your software, and whether or not you need an actual check or simply a pay slip, such as used when you use direct deposit (where the check information is voided).

Creative Business Payroll Check Ideas

Remember, payroll checks don’t have to be boring. If you really want some affordable ideas on how to spice yours up, check out a few we found below:

payroll check

Construction Payroll Checks, Extra Value Checks

payroll check

Mechanic Payroll Checks, Extra Value Checks

payroll check

Bakery Payroll Checks, Extra Value Checks

payroll check

Restaurant Payroll Checks, Extra Value Checks

payroll check

Makeup Artist Payroll Checks, Extra Value Checks

Payroll Checks Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are questions small business owners may have about payroll checks. If you don’t see your question below, you can post it on our forum and typically get a reply from one of our experts within a day or so.

Can I use check stock with three checks per page to print my payroll checks?

Yes, you can, but you should make sure each check has a space on either side of it for you to print pay stub information, especially if you’re in a state, like Arizona or Colorado, that legally requires it.

Will banks process payroll checks that aren’t printed in magnetic ink?

Yes, banks will process checks not printed in magnetic ink, but their automatic magnetic check readers may not. This means they will have to manually process your checks. Some banks have policies in place that allow them to charge you if you issue checks that don’t have, for example, your account, routing, and check numbers printed in magnetic ink.

Can I print my payroll checks with regular paper instead of check stock?

Legally, yes, you can. However, you place yourself at more risk for fraud, because regular paper doesn’t contain the security features that payroll check stock has. Also, the checks may appear suspicious to a bank and could be rejected because of concerns that they’re fake.

How can I personalize my check stock?

Personalizing your check stock means creating it specifically for your business. Some check providers, especially payroll software companies, will allow you to add your company details, name, address, and so on prior to printing. Most custom check printing companies will also allow you to print your logo on the payroll check.

What’s a duplicate check?

A duplicate check is a copy of your regular check that’s located behind it on a thin sheet of paper. These can be carbon or carbonless, depending on the provider, but both will copy all of the details you write on your original check onto the duplicate check below. Once you distribute the original check, you will always have a copy to reference.

Bottom Line

When purchasing payroll checks, you have to know what’s required so that it matches your software and printer, as well as fits your employer brand. Decide if you want your check stock to reflect the essence of your company or if any check stock will do. The choices you make determine where you buy payroll checks and how much they will cost.

Better yet, work with an HR, benefits, and payroll company, like ADP Payroll, so you can process payroll online, calculate and file payroll taxes, and pay employees via direct deposit or printed paychecks. Click here for a free quote.

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