Top 15 Sales Automation Examples From the Pros

Automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as email and social media in your sales process gives you more time to spend in finding leads and closing more sales. There are many software products offering different levels of sales automation. We’ve asked experts to share their own sales automation examples for inspiration to increase team productivity.

Here are 15 sales automation examples from the pros:

Michael Quinn - sales automation examples - tips from the pros

1. Nurture Warm Leads

Michael Quinn, Owner & Director of Marketing, Life Insurance Blog

Many times, our clients are shopping for life insurance and get quotes, but don’t have time to complete the next step. Our email automation system provides them with the ability to complete the necessary next steps. They get to do this conveniently online and on their time. Whether it’s filling out a risk assessment or getting started on their application, we have it all automated.

sales automation examples

Life Insurance Blog’s email automation system

Chloe Brittain - sales automation examples - tips from the pros

2. Start Your Cold Email Campaign

Chloe Brittain, Owner, Opal Transcription Calgary

Woodpecker lets me customize important details of my campaign, including the number and frequency of follow-ups. It spaces my emails apart instead of sending them out in one big blast, which helps with deliverability. The interface is simple to use; I was able to learn all the main features within five minutes of using the software for the first time. It also integrates with Gmail and other services, so replies from prospects go straight to my inbox. One of Woodpecker’s coolest features is a dashboard with stats like open and reply rates, so I can A/B test different subject lines and email copy and improve on my campaigns.

sales automation examples

Opal Transcription’s email campaign dashboard

Joe Sloan - sales automation examples - tips from the pros

3. Automate Lead Assignment

Joe Sloan, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Advice Media

We have seen the most success with sales automation through automated lead assignments. This type of automation has sped up our sales funnel because the lead information is correctly entered and labeled within our CRM system. And because these are automatically being assigned, there is no bottleneck for manual assigning and sales staff can receive leads 24/7. Many clients can’t speak until the weekend, so assigning leads over the weekend has given us a real edge over our competitors.

sales automation examples

Advice Media’s lead assignment automation

Martin Webb - sales automation examples - tips from the pros

4. Track Emails & Follow Up

Martin Webb, Founder,

When an estimate is sent, our system tracks the email, tracks if the client opens it, and then uses automation to follow up. This is an area where many small businesses fail: the follow-up. We send at least five follow-up emails over a period of 21 days. Our system makes it easy for customers to accept or reject orders directly from those emails. This not only increases sales by up to 27%, but also saves an enormous amount of time.

sales automation examples

Tudodesk’s email tracking and follow-up automation

Maggie Aland - sales automation examples - tips from the pros

5. Manage Your Contacts Efficiently

Maggie Aland, Marketing & Review Editor, Fit Small Business

As your contact list grows, so does the difficulty of managing every client. Without automation tools, salespeople will have a difficult time keeping track of every client’s need in order to move along the sales process. Freshsales is a CRM tool that allows you to manage your contacts in one place, and gives you more time for other important tasks. It lets you store all your client and prospect information and connects to multiple email accounts so you can track emails, create personalized email templates, and send bulk emails, all in one place. Try Freshsales free for 30 days.

Julian Reeves - sales automation examples - tips from the pros

6. Find Targeted Leads Through Social Media

Julian Reeves, Co-founder, Growth X

We use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find targeted leads. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator works super well for us because we can automatically qualify and prospect business owners without having a conversation with them. Plus, we can do quick audits of their business, and give them a personalized pitch on why our Instagram automation software would be of great benefit to them. Our Instagram sales automation process also works very well simply because of how instantaneous the results are.

sales automation examples

Growth X’s LinkedIn Sales Navigator dashboard

Hassan Alnassir - sales automation examples - tips from the pros

7. Gather Reviews

Hassan Alnassir, Founder & Owner, Premium Joy

I use an online app called Feedback Genius, which helps to gather reviews for the products offered on Amazon and grow the sales. The app connects to your Amazon seller account and accesses all the necessary order data that will be used in the follow-up emails. You can personalize these messages by simply inserting email variables such as “first name,” which will be substituted automatically by the app with the customer’s first name. Following up with Amazon customers after four weeks of ordering and asking them to leave product feedback would be a very daunting task without an automation app.

sales automation examples

Premium Joy’s feedback request campaign

Desmond Lim - sales automation examples - tips from the pros

8. Social Selling

Desmond Lim, CEO, Workstream

Social selling as a part of the sales process has helped us to develop relationships, build connections, and start engaging with and nurturing leads through different social channels. We’ve achieved and created sales opportunities through relationships built on channels like LinkedIn. Since we are using Orca, we have automated and sequenced three types of engagements: profile visits, sending out connecting requests, and follow-up messages after the connection request is accepted. The tool is very effective as it’s automating and sequencing engagements on LinkedIn easily, and also helps to get noticed by the people we want to reach faster.

sales automation examples

Workstream uses Orca to automate their social selling strategy

Krish Ramineni - sales automation examples - tips from the pros

9. Automate Call Transcription

Krish Ramineni, CEO,

Our sales automation example is being able to automatically record, transcribe, and log call activities into our CRM without reps having to lift a finger. CRM data entry is such a massive pain point for reps, and they don’t have the time to do it consistently. We automatically plug into dozens of web-conferencing platforms and dialers, capture meetings from a rep’s calendar, and input all that information into the CRM.

sales automation examples

Fireflies’ automated call transcription platform

Marc Prosser - sales automation examples - tips from the pros

10. Automate Your Cold Calling Process

Marc Prosser, Co-founder, Fit Small Business

Cold calling is a tedious but important step in your sales process. This task can easily take up a salesperson’s entire day, so it’s important to have a strategy to be able to reach as many prospects as possible. RingCentral is a VoIP phone service that offers a RingOut feature, allowing you to make calls in just one click of a number directly from your contact list. You can also dial any phone number you find on any website or application, including messages, emails, and call logs. Its advanced features, as well as its scalability and generous toll-free minutes, set it apart from other VoIP providers. Visit RingCentral today for your free trial.

Praveen Malik - sales automation examples - tips from the pros

11. Add a Landing Page to Your Website

Praveen Malik, Founder & Director, PM-by-PM

My website offers helpful articles for professionals who want to pass their Project Management (PM) certification. The aspirants land on my blog from various sources, where they are greeted with opt-in forms (automated using Thrive Leads) and a landing page for downloading a free PMP certification guide. Those who download my guide receive a series of emails that provide specific information about the PMP exam. They also contain links to my sales pages for digital products and services. The landing page traffic is fully automated and mainly comes from Google search and Quora.

sales automation examples

PM-by-PM’s automated landing page

Schuyler Rocky Reidel - sales automation examples - tips from the pros

12. Automate Client Project Setup

Schuyler Rocky Reidel, Managing Attorney, Reidel Law Firm

I created an app using Apple Automator and Apple Scripts to create a project management folder with all the other project folders. These files are automatically created along with an addition of the client name and contact information to a conflicts spreadsheet and to my CRM Daylite. Using this automation app, I save about 10 minutes per client project, which adds to significant time savings each year.

sales automation examples

Reidel Law Firm’s automated system for client project setup

Joel McDonald - sales automation examples - tips from the pros

13. Create a Membership Plug-in

Joel McDonald, Founder, Just Get Out of Town, LLC

Unlike traditional travel agents, I have a subscription-based travel blog and I get paid to find trips for my subscribers, not book them. It’s a very simple mashup of automated processes, but I think my membership plug-in was most integral to getting my business off the ground.

sales automation examples

Just Get Out of Town’s automated membership plug-in

Lozelle Mathai - sales automation examples - tips from the pros

14. Personalize Estimates & Contracts

Lozelle Mathai, Accountant & CEO, Closing Your Books

We are currently using Dubsabo, which allows us to collect leads and turn these leads into paid projects and contracts. It also collects a client’s information, which we use for estimates and contracts. Both estimates and contracts can be created as templates, so there is no need to recreate the wheel. With these templates, there is very little that needs to be customized per client. We are able to send both the estimate and contract within minutes. There is also a feature that allows us to track time for each project, so we know how much time is being used. This enables us to bill appropriately if and when we accept a similar project.

sales automation examples

Closing Your Books’ automated process for creating estimates and contracts

Eng. Cristian Rennella - sales automation examples - tips from the pros

15. Use AI Chatbot for Customer Service

Eng. Cristian Rennella, CEO & Co-founder,

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) through deep learning with Google’s TensorFlow platform, we were able to automate more than half of our customer queries by developing our own AI chatbot. This way, the user receives their response in seconds and our team only has to answer those questions that were never answered before. It also helps the whole team because we no longer have to answer the same questions over and over again.

sales automation examples

oMelhorTrato’s AI chatbot

Bottom Line

Being able to focus your efforts more on closing deals instead of common everyday tasks can significantly increase your bottom line. Streamline your sales process with our list of sales automation tips from the pros.

Do you also have sales automation examples you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments.

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